Who am I? About Me

Few Words About Myself who am i

My name is Giovanni Ricciardi. I’m a Lighting Designer and Technical Director from Turin.

Born in a show-loving family, I’ve grown up fully immersed in music and technology. Soon I started to be fascinated from computer science, still being amazed by the beautifulness of light and the incredible language of shades.

I carried out my studies in computer science and lighting design togheter but at a certain point light won and i totally fell in love with that world.

Being in showbiz  since 2006, I have had the way to learn and practice most of the key roles of the show, being able to deeply understand the meaning of the wonderful world and the complex mechanics of shows.

Pursuing the goal of mastering the language of light, I love to experiment and study on any topic light-related.

I’ve been lighting shows all around the world and doing technical direction for amazing artists in complex setups, and I can not wait to help you developing your idea.

Where magic is happening Studio

The soul of any project is the first key, the real deep language that has to be learnt, understood and translated in images, worlds and words

How does this happen head

Every project needs attention, dedication and high level expertise to be developed properly.
This is what I do, starting either from the venue or the rig we are going to use, mostly when I’m invested with Technical Direction role.

How does it feels heart

Straight in-between love and technique, here I am.

The question that I always to carry in mind is “how does that feels?”
What am I showing to someone that looks at that show?
Is that the right feeling i want to transmit?

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